How to Install LED Lighting

  1. Mark the placement for the LED lights so that so you know where the electrical wiring needs to be located.

  2. Find a place for the electrical source for the LED lights. The electrical source is typically located within a kitchen cabinet.

  3. Drill small pilot holes in the underside of the cabinet to see where the wiring will need to go.

  4. Locate a circuit to use for the LED lighting on your home’s junction or circuit box.

  5. Turn off the circuit that is going to be used for the LED lighting.

  6. Feed the electrical wire from your basement junction or circuit box, through the floor, up to the cabinet.

  7. Connect the electrical wire from the lighting source to the LED lighting. Refer to the LED lighting instructions to properly connect the electrical wiring.

  8. Connect the ground wires from the electrical source for the LED lights to the switch box.

  9. Turn on the circuit from the junction box and test the lighting by turning the light switch to the “on” position.



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