How to Install LED Light Wiring

  1. Choose where you want to install your LED light wiring. It should be in a place that benefits your guests and you. Select an area where you can enjoy them but also where you can wire them to a power supply. The power supply can be a battery or a built-in transformer; LED lights use very little power and can operate between 9 and 12 volts.

  2. Place your LED lights around the room, patio or yard area. Use string or cord to hang them at equal intervals. Ensure the wires on the end of the LEDs can connect to a power supply.
  3. Connect the LED lights to the power source. If the lights have a transformer plug on the end, plug in the lights to a convenient electrical socket. If you intend to power the LEDs using a battery, position the battery at the end of the wires

  4. Connect one wire to one of the battery terminals. Use electrical insulating tape to hold it in place. Connect the other wire to the other battery terminal using the same method. It doesn’t matter which wire connects to the terminals.



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