How to Install a Security Floodlight



A security floodlight illuminates an area, inside or outside, with a beam of bright light. To install a security floodlight, decide on a location where there is an existing electrical junction box. The light will then be attached to the wall at this location and take its power from the electrical junction box


  1. Find a good location for the security floodlight, for example, a wall facing the receptionist area of an office where there is a light fixture or above a home’s garage door where there’s a bulb socket.

  2. Disconnect the electrical power to the electrical junction box feeding power to the wall or roofing light fixture. Pull the appropriate fuse or trip the appropriate circuit breaker in the fuse box to cut the power.

  3. Remove the screws from around the existing wall plate or light fixture wall plate with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the plate off with your hands.

  4. Twist the screw tabs off the pairs of wires that are now revealed if a light fixture wall plate was removed; otherwise, ignore this and the following steps. Place the screw tabs in your pocket for reuse. Unwind the pairs of wires from each other. Separate the wires.

  5. Place the security floodlight cover plate where the wall plate was. Screw it in using the screws from the plate and a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the wires out from inside the wall and through the cover plate.

  6. Wind the wires from the security floodlight and from inside the wall together in this manner: the exposed end of the black wire from inside the wall around the exposed end of the black wire from the security flood light; the exposed end of the white wire from inside the wall around the exposed end of the white wire from the security flood light.

  7. Twist a screw tab over each pair of wires. Push the wires into the wall. Place the security floodlight against the cover plate. Screw metal screws through the light and into the plate using a Phillips screwdriver. Screw a floodlight into the bulb socket or bulb sockets on the front of the security flood light. Return the electrical power by placing the fuse back in the fuse box in its original position or by tripping the appropriate circuit breaker again.



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