Flood light Types



Flood lights bring light to a dark night. They are used for security, the ability to stay outside long after the sun goes down and highlighting decor on a home. Many types of flood lights are available on the market. Choosing the correct flood light depends on your lighting needs


      • The light emitting diode, or LED, is common among most homeowners. The LED is known for producing bright light while being energy-efficient. A small light can produce bright, directed light and is easy to install almost anywhere. LED floodlights also can come with motion sensors or be set to timers so the light is not on all hours of the night.

Incandescent Halogen

      • The incandescent halogen is another common choice for flood lights. Halogen light bulbs produce bright light and use less energy than other flood light options. The size and shape of the bulbs vary depending on the light fixture and lighting needs. Halogen flood lights also come with motion sensor and timer options.


      • Fluorescent flood lights work by passing electricity through mercury or other gases that convert the energy to visible light by a phosphor cover. Fluorescent lights use less energy than halogen light bulbs and may also last up to 20 times longer. The light emitted from these light bulbs is bright and varies in color depending on the gas and the phosphor covering.

Solar Floodlights

      • Solar floodlights collect light from the sun during the day and light up during the night. These lights are energy-efficient and easy to install. The lights may not produce the brightest lights, so are best used to light walkways or for illuminating decor features on the outside of the home

Portable Flood Lights

    • Portable flood lights help bring light to areas that may not be reachable by other lights. Normally these lights are either battery- or solar-powered but many offer the option to be plugged in. Like solar-powered lights, portable flood lights are best used for areas that do not require bright lights, such as walkways or illuminating outdoor features on the home



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