12V DC Solar Lighting Kits,DC light kits

12V DC Solar Lighting Kits, DC light kits


12V DC Solar Lighting Kits, DC light kits


1) lamp holder – Screw type

2) 3M cable

3) Switch

4) Clamp

5) 7W 12V DC light bulb


The Light kits Can be customized

 Firstly connect the black clip to the negative pole to the battery, and than connect the red clip to the positive pole of the battery, then the lamp can be lighted. The service life of the lamp will be affected if the working voltage is lower than 10V or more than 14V. Keep away from water when outdoor using, please protect it away from rain.

1)      Solar power,wind power DC lighting.

2)      Miners lamps(safety lamp),telephone booth lamp.

3)      Boat lighting,car,bus,mobile machinery shop,dock illumination

4)      Village,mountain,island,camping

5)      Home illumination,solar street lighting and emergency illumination.



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