12 Volt LED Lights for Home Use


Kitchen Cabinets

      • In the kitchen, 12 volt LED lighting is used under kitchen cabinets to provide task lighting where needed. LED lighting also can be custom fit to match the dimensions inside kitchen cabinets. The 12 volt LED lighting will illuminate every corner within a cabinet, making it easy to find stored items.

Picture/Display Lighting

      • For picture and display lighting, LED lights use semiconductor technology which radiates light without heat. This also makes the bulbs longer lasting than fluorescent and halogen bulbs. Additionally, the 12 volt LED lights can be dimmed for the right picture and display effects.

Bookcase Lighting

      • As strip lighting, 12 volt LEDs provide an even distribution of light that is unobtrusive and readily adapts for use in built-in bookcases, as well as free-standing furniture. Variable LED spacing provides an even saturated light output. Different types of LED bulbs are now designed to produce more light and cover wider angles.

Christmas Trees

      • Using 12 volt LED lighting in rope form provides cool lighting for Christmas trees. In addition to white light, 12 volt LED bulbs also come in different colors including red, blue, green and amber.

Other Uses

    • Task lighting with 12 volt LEDs for desks and other work areas create a comfortable amount of light that avoids eye strain, while outputting five times as much light as standard festoon lighting. White LED light mixes well with ordinary lights around the home and workplace.



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